I know I haven’t been writing for a really longtime. But this is me trying to get back to routine! Also, Happy New Year 2017! 🙂



By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that life is pretty complicated. Things like staying on top of responsibilities, keeping up with friends and family, studying and making your room seem like it’s clean (all the while trying to trick people into believing that you’ve got your life together) just aren’t easy.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement and wondering whether you’ll ever get a break from this balancing act, you’re in luck, my friend! I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve that are going to make your life a whole lot simpler.

Before we get to the good stuff, I want to point something out that I’ve realized lately. Simple doesn’t always mean easy, does it? You can come up with a solution that simplifies a problem, but following through with that solution isn’t necessarily going to be easy. It still takes some willpower and a whole lot of effort.

Even though I’m writing this I still can not keep up with the contents of this list. But then there are days when I do and I must say those days I’m at my efficient best!

  1. Set monthly goals.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, set yourself 1-3 goals each month. I’ve started with this this year and it has already allowed me to start new habits, break down larger goals into manageable chunks, and achieve things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

  1. Carry a water bottle everywhere.

We all know by now that staying hydrated is, like, super important, but it’s so much easier to do it if you keep a water bottle with you at all times. Personally, I used to never have a bottle of water with me because it would just make my handbag heavier and ruin my posture. All through Engineering I’ve been drinking Nandini’s water (God bless her for keeping me hydrated among other things). I’d actually cry if she ever lost her metallic bottle of joy. So, this coming new year I’ve decided to carry one around and 5 days into 2017 I feel more energized and happy.

  1. Declutter your closet.

You know that feeling when you have too many clothes and nothing to wear? Yeah, it’s time to get real honest with yourself and get rid of the skirt you’ve bought on an online sale, had it for months and that STILL doesn’t fit you well (yes, even after hundreds of yoga classes). Free up some precious space.

  1. Write tasks on paper.

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the things you have in your mind and can’t get to actually start doing it, write it down immediately. Start at the top and write down any requests you’ve received or action items that need to get done in a time frame. Seeing tasks on paper helps you prioritize and can help you be more efficient with your time (instead of flicking back and forth between tasks in your mind and deciding which one to tackle next).

  1. Follow a quick morning routine. 

Not everyone has time for an elaborate morning routine! Make things a little simpler and incorporate your own custom-made morning routine instead. It’s not going to take you a ton of time to figure out these things. Just make a quick list and you’re ready to go!

  1. Pack an on-the-go kit

Keep a few important things in a small bag in your handbag. Things like extra pads, an underwear, powder and a small deodorant are what I carry with me all the time. Helps me be stress free. Things like these shouldn’t bother you and take a big space in your mind when you have the entire world to take on.

  1. Keep a track of your bills

These days every time I buy something no matter how menial a thing it is, I write it down in a diary or type it on the notepad on my phone. By the end of each passing day I can keep track of expenses and also control myself when I’m over doing it.     

  1. Learn a quick thing to cook

Okay, this is super-duper important. You wouldn’t want to be dependent on your parents and on fast food fattening meals to keep your tummy full. Instead, I suggest you google easy recipes to cook when you’re in a time crunch. And if you think that you can’t cook to save your life, trust me when I say this, easy recipes (if read correctly) can make even the worst of chefs into Jamie Oliver, and you get to come home to a meal that’s ready to eat and healthy  immediately. BAM!

  1. Start a capsule wardrobe

A simplified wardrobe comprised of clothes you absolutely love means less money spent shopping AND less time getting ready in the morning. This can take a while to get used to. But once you’ve decided on your clothes which don’t require an extra effort from you, you end up saving a lot of time.

  1. Unsubscribe from emails

You know what takes up unnecessary time? Emails you don’t care about. See how many lists you’re subscribed to unsubscribe ASAP (you’ll be SHOCKED at the number). Get that nonsense out of your life!

  1. Make your lunch the night before

I suck at doing this because IDK. I just don’t carry food to college. But I hear this helps, so I’m going to add it to the list. So, if you want to start eating healthier I suggest you follow this. If you make your lunches ahead of time, you’ll a) make healthier choices by avoiding the cafeteria food, b) save money, and c) have the option to pack yourself some treats to eat during class. Also my smarty Nandini eats home cooked food daily. You see her posts are so much more sorted.

  1. Get a purse organizer

I don’t mean one of those cringe-worthy As Seen On TV and on Amazon purse organizers, people. I’m talking about a little bag that you can keep easily-lost necessities like lippers, hand lotion, bobby pins, hair ties and pens. No more wasted time emptying out your bag just to find a hair tie (happens every single time) But yes, take time out on weekends to clean up these small bags also. If you have a habit of saving trash in your bag like me and also if the items are not kept back in the bag when used.

  1. Switch to the cloud

Instead of having to drag around a flashdrive with you (that you keep forgetting), start saving your documents to OneDrive or Google Drive. You’ll be able to access your files anywhere, plus you avoid those duplicate files that drive you crazy because you don’t know which one is the current version.

  1. Plan your workouts

If you go to the gym or practise yoga without a plan in mind, you’re either a) are not even going to make it out the door or b) get frustrated because you don’t know where to start. Scheduling workouts into your calendar really helps with accountability and making sure you feel prepared.

  1. Listen to podcasts & audiobooks

You get to learn ALL THE THINGS while doing stuff that might otherwise be wasting your time (i.e. commuting). This helps if you are prone to motion sickness like me. Also, never underestimate the usefulness of the library. My mother always downloads audiobooks and e-books from the library, rather than buying them.

  1. Quit opening so many tabs

Want to be more productive? Close some tabs. Is one tab a realistic goal for everyone? Maybe not. But try. I went a whole of 2 days with only one tab open, and it massively increased my productivity. I couldn’t last any longer. But I’m trying to do this.

  1. Keep healthy snacks in your handbag

Most offices and colleges have an unlimited supply of chips and cup noodles that you probably tend to gravitate towards during the afternoon, but they’re not really doing your body or brain any good. Instead, keep a stack of healthy snacks in your handbag or at your desk to perk yourself up and feel less defeated during a hectic day.

  1. Buy multi-tasking beauty products

Busy day? All I need is SUNSCREEN. My everything!  Think of this while you’re getting ready and find your easy hack!

  1. Start using IFTTT

Otherwise known as If This Then That. This genius creation allows you to automate processes that you would usually do anyway. For example, I have friends who use a recipe that automatically tweets my Instagram pics as soon as I post them. You can also program recipes like ‘keep your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures in sync’, or ‘backup your phone contacts to a Google document.’ AH-MAZING.

  1. Write your to-do list before bed

Instead of taking 10 minutes to prepare your to-do list in the morning (when you could already be gettin’ down to business), write your list before bed. This way, those pesky to-dos will be outta your head, and you’ll have a much more peaceful sleep.

  1. Slow down

So many of us are rushing through life, trying to get a million things done at once while attempting to absorb as much information as we can at the same time. Take a few minutes to think about the areas of your life where you’ve been rushing, and come up with a plan to slow down and be a little more deliberate.

I know it’s too unrealistic to follow all of these 21 and being messy is fun(?) but following even a single one of them will help straighten things out for you.

Let us know how it worked out for you 🙂