This day marks an important milestone in our lives. My co-blogger, Ashmitha, turned 21 (I’d say let’s bring out the champagne, but I’m a strict teetotaller)! The date is a cool 7/7, which makes it hard to forget. There’s also the fact that it’s exactly 3 weeks after mine. All those numbers aside, it’s a special day of celebration.

What I realised on my 21st was that it gets harder to enjoy a birthday with a bunch of friends all younger than you are. That feeling of getting older absolutely sucks and there is no way to sugar coat that. All the adults will deliver the same old dialogue about what an essential phase of life this is and how it is imperative to work hard now to go on to build a better future. While that is entirely true, it’s a sentiment better saved for tomorrow.

I’ve never believed in observing my own birthday. Being born isn’t an achievement at all. However, it is up to the people around us to make us feel valued on this day and that is what I intend to do for my friend today. When all kinds of careful planning goes out the window because the sun was too shy to peep through the clouds, it’s time to improvise.

Three years ago on this day, we were complete strangers. From then to now, having a blog together, has been an incredible journey. We became friends on the first day of college through a silly pact that we didn’t keep up. The best quality about Ashmitha is that I know I will never find another friend quite like her. She’s such a cool person in her own quirky way and she’s 100% comfortable being like that. I can only wish I had that kind of confidence. It’s fun to be around her and I always find myself laughing in her company. She’s forever full of life! While it is hard to match her energy, you do end up having the best time when out with her. Between all the talking and gossip we do, it’s hard to imagine how we manage to grasp anything taught in class! It’s the little things that we share which makes us such close friends – how we can talk about CBSE, TV shows, movies, books, writing… You get the point, right? She’s also an amazing artist and she would have definitely gone places if she’d chosen that field. I could go on and on, but it’s always better to keep it short and simple.

So here’s to three years of togetherness and craziness, looking forward to the many more to come. A very happy birthday, Ashmitha! 🙂