Another Saturday is drawing to a close as I sit down to type a second blog post as my entry to this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays (SoCS) hosted by Linda G. Hill. The prompt reads –

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mb.” Find a word that has those two letters in it, in that order, and base your post on it. Have fun!


I gave it a fair amount of thought, but I could come up with nothing concrete, so I’m just presenting a small story that flashed to my mind. There’s something very unique about it and you can only spot it if you read carefully. Enjoy!

Lambert trailed beyond his father as he took in the marvellous sights of the city that had welcomed him so magnificently. His father was an ambassador, which meant that he often travelled to distant lands at the Emperor’s orders and sometimes took his family with him. It was his second trip abroad and he trembled with barely suppressed excitement. The chamber through which they walked had walls painted with murals depicting the exploits of their gods and kings, which their guide was narrating enthusiastically. He soon grew tired of the foreigner’s ramblings. He would have to remember most of the details and provide a full account of it for his little sister when he got home, so he relegated the nasal voice to the background and relied on his own senses.

The morning light that filtered in through the large windows imbued the surroundings with an ethereal glow. It seemed as if the chief decorator was partial to amber, which shone like false gold. The view outside was dominated by red columbines and blue hyacinths that were in full bloom. The sweet aroma of the flowers continually assaulted his nose and he inhaled deeply, feeling humbled to be around such splendour. The continuous patter of feet of the servants stumbling around them mixed with the gentle chirp of the birds outside to provide a strange rhythm to which his own strides seemed to match. The plush, warm carpet that his feet plunged was stitched like an animal pattern and to him it appeared as if a giant beast was slumbering in the hallway.  The opulence of the palace took his breath away – little did he know that he and his father were walking into an ambush.


This is where the flow stopped as I ran out of words. I wanted to keep writing but I would have to consult a thesaurus, which would go against the nature of the post. If you haven’t noticed anything special about the above two paragraphs, it’s just that every sentence contains a word having ‘-mb’ in it. You can go back and read it again if you feel like checking my claim (or just search for mb on the webpage). It was quite difficult to come up with this, so if you found the concept interesting, I hope you will leave a comment or share the post. If you liked the writing style, I post fiction and a lot more on Pages That Rustle, so do check it out. Happy weekend, everybody! 🙂