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When one decides to write articles it is a very impromptu decision. Even the most indecisive person will nod in agreement to this. 

So, when Nandini and I were forcing ourselves to entertain one and another during a hot boring class we randomly decided to start writing a blog. We wrote down a list of ideas, decided to have a sleepover and discuss the nitty-gritties (*laughs) We basically decided the layout,colour of the blog and by the time the siren rang (read fav sound, it’s so beautiful) we were ready to rule WordPress. 

Then came the first day. The day we start our blog. And guess what? It’s tough as hell. It’s easy to talk and be like we’ll write about this and that and bring a change and learn new things. But when you sit down with with your laptop and start. Not a single semantic, syntax error free sentence will cross your mind. 

Ideas won’t be authentic. Well you can’t expect them to be. There are people writing and reading tonnes of articles daily. So how does one come up with new fresh ideas to show case ones creative true self?

That’s the key word right there.

True self. 

So, we are going to try our very best and come up with new stuff to speak up about but bear 😅 with us. We’ll do everything. Bollywood-Hollywood style! 

Signing off. 

Ashmitha 🙂