I’m going to start with this without any intro. So diving into my list. woooshh!
Number 1:
“Love me like you do”– Ellie Goulding.
Well, firstly I’m not a big big Ellie Goulding song person. It’s just this one one song. My first! 
Oh my God! this song is like AAAHHHHH!
*sings the song like a psycho*
I have actually been tricked into liking it because of Fifty Shades of Grey trailers.
This is Ellie’s contribution to the Fifty Shades soundtrack.
I’ve been singing this song like a kid rhyming the ABCs.
Number 2:
Maroon 5- “Maps”, “Sugar” and “Animals”
I think I’ll always be a Maroon 5 person. Just always. This is one thing that I can’t change even if I wanted to.
Starting off with the bestest of their album ‘V‘ , “Sugar” hits all the right spots. Feathery synths and slick Prince-like bass back Levine as he puts his sensual falsetto croon to good use. Calling out the girl of his dreams, he sings, “Sugar / Yes, please / Won’t you come and put it down on me?” The video of this song is even more exciting and it’ll make you smile. I can’t say that all the weddings in the video are legit but its been said that there are two weddings in the video which are completely real. The couple and the guests didn’t have the slightest idea! I think people are going to write to Levine about crashing into their wedding now. Nevertheless, it’s one my favorite songs now!  

Maps” is another one of my favorites. Levine plays the forlorn love slave tracking his gone girl over a disco beat that turns into a stomping funk-soul-gospel breakdown which I’ve come to love. He sings All the roads you took came back to me / So I’m following the map that leads to you..uh,” he sings over wild guitar licks. I’m in love with the way each line ends.

Animals” is another ferocious standout.Yes FEROCIOUS. Mixing hip-hop beats with its brand of pop-rock, the band creates a “Hungry Like the Wolf” for a new generation. This jam packs the most bite on the album, especially with Adam’s mean howl towards the end. The lady in the video is actually Adam Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo. I find the video very very very creepy. All that dangerous and damn serious stalking and stuff. I actually dislike it pretty much with all that blood and stuff. Not something that I would want to watch over and over again. I like the audio. Period.
Number 3:
Uptown Funk“- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
It’s 2015 but don’t ever feel that the power of funk has gone away. 
I definitely feel it’s the other way round because I haven’t heard Mark sing anywhere in the entire song. Even in the video its all Bruno. If you don’t look carefully you might just miss Mark Ronson as one of the back up dancers trying to channel the days when disco wasn’t retro. The song is a true bass heavy number which will pull you no, drag you to the dance floor mentally. Uptown Funk” marries the worlds of ’70s funk with modern pop music. From the very first moments, when backup singers rush in with baritone bumps, it’s clear that “Uptown Funk” is fire. Hand claps and a high guitar riff set the stage for the modern funky tune. 
During the college fests season this year each and everyone of them which I attended had this number playing the loudest. It also gave way to a lot of the awkward bum swaying and hand moments. This one is going to be playing for a LONG time now. So better get your senses to not get bored and annoyed of it. *flashback* Desi girl song from Dostana featuring Priyanka Chopra got on my nerves.

Number 4 :

The Apache Relay- “Katie Queen of Tennessee
Apache Relay is a Nashville based band. I first heard the song on a Buzzfeed video. It played in the background to now one of my favorite videos. I quickly youtubed it and have fallen in love with it since then. The idea of shooting at a 70s-themed skating rink came to the band while driving around Boston. And I adore the 70s settings, there is something ‘free’ about them always.  They wanted to keep some mystery around who the song’s Katie really was, keeping her face hidden in the whirlwind visual which I think is genius because I know want to know who she is. It gives room to more songs about Katie 😛 Listen to this peppy lovelorn number. I love it! 
Number 5
Mika – “Talk About You” and “Good Guys
(Yes, the Grace Kelly singer )
He’s  the mastermind behind the infectious hits “Grace Kelly” and “Love Today” and he has returned to the airwaves!
Talk about you”  released on 25th March 2015.
This song is an instantly likable number with infinite panache. It’ s fresh and it definitly stands out from the more RnB inspired music everywhere. This song is INSTANT. Its a pure-pop, guitar driven number with that wonderful chorus, O-to-the-MG, the repetitive chore is gold
Good Guys” I first heard of this song when Mika performed this on the X-Factor. Its yet another adorable piece of music. Just like in all the Mika songs I’ve heard so far he maintains his upbeat, dreamy voice and melodies  in this one too. There is something about European men. Daayuum!