I thought of this today after having this huge talk with my brother about the right age to start drinking and all of that Shemurr. Yes, I went from something to something. But this has quickly become one my favourite ‘food for thought’ topics. I think about this all time, like while applying Guassian Elimination to connecting circuits in the labs to those completely awkward elevator moments. I went from thinking- what does it mean to be love drunk? To- what does it feel like to be love drunk? To- I want to be love drunk. I’ve a hopeless brain in such situations. HOPELESS.

Queen Bey’s Drunk in love Feat. Jay Z has got me onto making this little phrase(or what exactly should I call it?)
Beyonce is like, Universal Crush. Like everybody crushes Beyonce. Everybody. And if you say you don’t, I’m sure you are mixing names with faces. Go google. or wait! I’ll do it for you!

Beach hair, I love ❤
Just about every song of hers. I like. And this isn’t some R&B craze I have periodically 😛
She is my forever!

Now recovering from my TMI,
There are more than one kind of ways of ‘being drunk‘ or as some say ‘being high
One , quite obviously, is being high on alcohol, but this isn’t what I wanted to talk about.
One can be high on lots of thing- high on love, high on food, high on shopping, high on petting, high on cleaning one’s closet. Anything. Anything that gives you that ‘new happy wala feeling’. Having said that , I know and you would agree to this- that of all the highs out there in the world- love is the ‘strongest drunk’

As a society- we are repeatedly seeking some sort of high. It could be from a substance (include food here), a relationships, working, you name it! There is constant everlasting desire to feel this ‘high’.
Sometimes the day just ends doing those mediocre things which we crave for or rather feel the need to do or have always.
If you just sit and think of this,you would realise that nothing in your daily schedule gives you high and even if it did, it didn’t have a lasting impression on the way you processed situations.  Complete blur eh? But trust me! you would find it difficult to chalk down 5 things you did that weren’t in your normal day schedule that made you feel this ‘high’ feeling. Give it a try.
But as soon as I reached this point in my thinking , I realised that I need a clear picture of at least a single thing I do and not just sail through these everyday motions and emotions!

Maybe I’m an Idealist and maybe I’m too much of this ‘I heart everything’ person.
I feel we all should work towards making everyday feel like in the influence of love. And by this I don’t mean the romantic kind. The general love and kindness for people and animals. Love for simple things. Love for the world we live in. Love for life in general.

Cheers to ALL the limitless drunks we would experience and cherish.
Lets achieve the best drunk 🙂