Hey all! 
Hope you guys are having fun these holidays!
I haven’t posted anything for long, I know :/ 
I was too lazy πŸ˜›
okay so!
Holiday season and I thought instead of gifting something bought from the mall why not gift a quilling wall hanging. You know to give it that personal touch πŸ˜› 
So I put my summer learning to test and decided to do it!
and came out pretty impressive, everybody loved it!

And then I thought why not write a blog on ‘How to Quill” ( now that I’m awesome at it XD )

So, Firstly, I made many others but these two I feel will cover up the basics for sure. 


The first wall hanging – I gifted my grandmother and its a proudly hanging in her living room wall along with other art work πŸ˜› 
So yes lets quill!

Materials required : 
1. A quilling tool, you can buy one like I did but if you don’t wish to then there are ways to make one at home too.
here is the link,
2. Strips of quilling paper. Now this you’ve got to buy! they come in different lengths and breadths and colours,of course. Hit the nearest stationery store.
3. Glue
4. Chart paper- I use chart paper, you can use any other kind it doesn’t really matter.

So once you have all the required materials and tools with you, I suggest you place them all on your workstation over a newspaper or something so that you don’t mess things up. I always make all the flowers and the leaves and everything else first and once I’m done with that I stick it onto the final sheet. 

To make the flowers πŸ’ 

STEP 1 –  I cut the strips of quilling paper exactly half or a little less vertically. 
Actually I must say this that there are different widths of quilling papers available. For flowers of these kind I suggest you use bigger widths. I used 10mm one’s. They are so much more easier to work with.

 I fold the paper like 4times equally and then cut. And it should look like the picture above. 

STEP 2 – I place the paper into the quilling pen and begin to quill. So here you need to careful with quilling this because there is a high probability that you’ll tear the cut further and then you’ll have two strips and a smaller flower. 
Quill like this-

STEP 3 – once you have finished quilling the strip, secure the end with a little glue. It should look something like this 

STEP 4 – Flatten out the cuts you made and TADAAAA! 
you’ve made a quilled flower!
Make several of these in different colours and stack them all! 

To make the leaves 
STEP 1 – Quill the green strips of paper and on reaching the end let the circle expand.  Like this- 

Now by how much you let the strip expand you can decide how big our small a leaf you want. 

STEP 2 –  place the end strategically and press and crease the expanded circle. 
Like this- 

There you have it! The leaves πŸ™‚ 

Now for the butterfly – 
STEP 1 – This one took some time because I needed to have both the upper wings amd both the lower wings to be of equal size. 
STEP 2 – Once that is done you can make the body of the butterfly just the way you made the leaves. 
STEP 3 – The head is a tight. 
STEP 4 – The antenna-ish thing I made is just a half quilled strip! 
Finally your butterfly must look like this 

I made small buds in the middle just so that it looks different. 
For the flower buds all I did was quill the strips of paper and creased the circle into a triangle first and then made a dent into one of the sides of the triangle. 
There, you have successfully made all the required shapes. 

I choose normal coloured chart paper which are available in all Stationery shops. I choose to use slightly thicker sheets of chart as I wanted to frame it finally. 

I place all the elements on the chart paper according to this rough idea I have in my mind. And eventually stick them all with glue.

Now for the 2nd wall hanging, make the leaves the same way we made for the 1st one and the flowers are nothing but tight coils and slightly loose coils of quilling paper strips i.e., once I quilled the strip of paper I did not let it expand alot. 
Stick them the way you want it! 
I chose to make a wreath as a christmas gift πŸ™‚

Have fun! 

Stay Happy πŸ™‚
Stay Blessed πŸ™‚