“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog”- Franklin P. Jones

Ha ha ha.

yes yes YES!
my article on doggies!

Here a Dog, there a Dog everywhere a Dog-Dog!
such loving beautiful creatures!

One of my brothers by birth is a Canis lupus familiaris but by mind and soul is a smarter Homo Sapien than a few people I’ve met.

You get such joys when you live with one, for one being-  You enter home and he’s the first to welcome you back,  such alacrity!

Ceasar, my Blue roan Cocker Spaniel is snoring with his bum sticking to mine as I type and is evidently upset with me moving so much.
We share just about everything with this guy- from parents,  to grandparents , to beds , to chicken… to books. He sleeps on mine just like I sleep on them.
I still remember when I was 4, I told Papa that Ayush and I wanted to share our chicken with a puppy , after a few days we were gifted a black and white soft toy dog. My father really thought I would fall for that.
My parents wanted us to be ready for a dog! and at that time when he told us that, we weren’t ‘ready’. like man!! we are ready for one! Yes, you are right. Damn right! We weren’t. physically and mentally.
When we got Ceasu home( Ceasu is what we call him these days) he was about 45 days.I still remember he peed in the car- that cute little handsome tail-wagger.
Taking him for walks was basically like Farhan Akhtar’s Bhag Milkha Bhag training. uff.
well, growing up with a dog is a wonderful experience I must say this. We used to go shopping for his accessories- his leash, his collar.  It makes you responsible. I’ll tell you why-
1) We ate our lunch and dinner on time as we had to feed him.
2) We would remember to close all doors and windows just to save Ceasu (when he was a puppy) from eagles.
3) Never ever have we made a sudden decision. Its always been planned as Ceasu would be at home waiting for us.
4) Giving him a bath was taking two baths ourselves!
5) Saving him from all the fights he’d get into with all those other galli ke beauties is a battle itself.

Well, there is one more thing about Ceasu- He is mad about my Mumma. If you ever see them walking around at home you’ll realize you’ve seen that still from somewhere. I’ll tell you where- Mary and her little lamp. That’s how it is. Nobody, NOBODY can change it!
He’s my mom’s commando.
He’s an old soldier now but back then in his heydays his energy was infectious.

Its beautiful how they grow into such wonderful , loving creatures. I can’t imagine my life without him.

To all those who want to share their chicken with these beauties must realize that it’s an effort to have a dog. Actually it’s an effort to own any domestic animal. Its a matter of discipline and humanity, in some matters.
Here are a few things you should know and consider before choosing your canine partner –
1) Dogs take up alot of time and energy. Yes, they rewarding. But if you live alone and work twenty hours a day, then Dogs aren’t the best choice for you. But lives change you can own one when you know you are a bit more settled. get what I mean?
2) You can’t keep them leashed all the time. The more you keep that leash away the happier the doggy is. So get ready to clean up for that tail wagging and breaking a few things in the living area.
3) Leaving them locked in the bathroom or the balcony isn’t something you’ll do to your baby right? You need to realize that you’ve moved him/her away from his mother so you need to nurture and take care of him just like him mother would, but yes there will be some gaps but love fills them in no time.
4) Consider which breeds are suitable to your regions climate. It helps to choose this right.
5)Puppies like to investigate and chew on just about everything during their toothing period. So keep a few chew toys near and those expensive shoes away.
6) Take your dog(s) to a certified vet regularly for those routine check ups. Your doggy will thank you for it and live a healthier ( and longer) life. Also I feel its better if its the same vet all the time. I don’t think dogs like changes in that department. I just feel like it should be that way.
7) Lastly, if you want to skip all that potty training and stuff, adopt an old or housebroken doggy. They await love.

So go ahead and bring home a gift! they are adorable.
Try testing this- Give one of those beauties a packet of glucose biscuits for a week. He’ll follow you where ever you go on the 8th day. Share how it made you feel 🙂

Here’s a picture of us ( Ayush,  Ceasu and me) –

Stay blessed. Stay happy.